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GROUND // Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais - CSE Han

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We're still in the province of Namur. After our visit to Rochefort we just had to pass by the world famous Han-sur-Lesse as well. World famous for its caves and the historical old village center. But there is also some football to be seen.

You'll get from Rochefort to Han-sur-Lesse via a couple of meandering roads and sloping hills. Although a part of Rochefort, Han-sur-Lesse is actually more known than Rochefort. Not so much for its beer or cheese, but rather for the Caves of Han. They're a touristic attraction that made sure everyone also knows the village center without anyone actually paying attention to it.

Chances are you have also passed by the cemetery and the football field of the local team without realising it. The Caves of Han are a piece of art thanks to thousands of years of hard work from Mother Nature and they're definitely worth a visit. But they also attract that many visitors it can get difficult to find a good parking space. That's why there is also some parking space a little bit further away. Amongst others, next to the pitch of Cercle Sportif Espoir Han-sur-Lesse.

Cercle Sportif L'Espoir Han-sur-Lesse actually started playing the little game in 1937 already. Just before the neighbours of Rochefort launched their second attempt. It became a cosy little team with a local character and it shows in the results as well. Cercle Sportif always stayed in the regional leagues in Namur and they almost changed team colours more frequently than they did moving up and down the leagues. In 1956 they had to cease activities due to a lack of usable players.

Cercle Sportif Espoir Han-sur-Lesse did receive a second chance. Because fourteen years after the demise they were back at it again, but with a new matricule number. This time they would stay though. The team became a success when it comes to their continuation, because the results were consistent with those of their predecessor; very local. But that doesn't matter. The white/blacks mainly noted their move to the current facilities as most remarkable action in their history. They moved to the Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais in 1981.

It's a typical lower league ground which contains all of the Wallonian items you'd expect. A canteen of over 40 years, a small yet charming stand flanked by the expected dugouts and on the other side something which resembles a dugout but is actually a weird looking away stand. All of that make this stadium well worth the visit. So next time you're visiting the Caves, make sure you pay attention to the pitch of CSE Han.

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