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GROUND // Rue Du Bonny d'Au ban - RFC Yvoir

Yvoir is a fairly quiet village in the shadow of Dinant and Ciney, deeply hidden in the Wallonian region. Football there is almost just as peaceful, but there has been a short peak at one point. Several teams merged into the current RFC Yvoir over the past years.

Football started in October 1922 in this village in the Ardens with the creation of Union Sportive Yvoir. They beat Scarabee Club Yvoir to the punch, which was founded in November of the same year. Yet Scarabee Club could quickly take over the title of oldest existing club in the village. Because just before the matricule numbers were appointed in 1926, Union Sportive was gone already. Sadly enough Yvoir would still have to go through a couple of years without football as Scarabee Club stopped as well in 1934.

Two years later, Union Sportive Durnal was created in the neighbouring Durnal. Durnal would later become a part of Yvoir. Now the story really takes off. The first three decades would mainly be taken over by the change in team colours. They started off with black and white, but in the following years the team would change colours no less than five times. In 1963 it became white and red. That last change seemed to inspire the team, as in the 70s they promoted to the national divisions for the very first time ever, fourth division at that time.

For four years they enjoyed football in that fourth division. In 1981 it was all over however. US Durnal relegated back to the regional leagues, only to never return again. That spell in the national leagues did make sure the stadium was being well equipped with some beautiful stands. The team became royal in 1989, but up until 2005 they would play in the regional mud.

That year they would merge with Union Purnode Spontin Yvoir 88. The matricule number and the stadium was kept. That last mentioned team was already a merger on itself. Their history started in 1922 as the old Scarabee Club Yvoir was re-founded in 1939 as a new team. But just like the original team, this one stayed in the regional leagues. After a bunch of team colour changes (yes, them too), the team decided to merge with Football Club Purnode in 1988. FC Purnode was only founded in 1955 and always led a quiet existence in the lower leagues.

Union PSY 88 (as they called themselves) disappeared in 2005 after the merger with RUS Durnal. RFC Yvoir was born and we are thrilled to see the home stadium of RUS Durnal was kept. There is even a nice memory to the old name. With a magnificent view on the waving hills at one side and one monumental tower (of which we don't know what the history is) on the other end of the pitch, a visit is a pure joy. With a cold beer and a typical Wallonian barbecue of course!

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