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GROUND // Senzo Sporting Club - Senzo Sporting Club (Egypt)

For sure it doesn't always have to be about football stadiums from actual teams. A groundhopper is always on the lookout for that extra touch. That can also be found in Egypt. We visited the facilities of Senzo Sporting Club in Hurghada last summer.

There's no actual competition football to be seen there, nor has that ever been the case. That would be nearly impossible as well since the facilities have only been officially opened in 2016. Construction already started in 2012 and Senzo Sporting Club is in fact an extension of the nearby Senzo Mall. Yes, an actual shopping center. An odd combination, but one with a clear goal and vision.

Because the owners make it very clear their main focus is being put on both amateurs and professional athletes, the local community brought in touch with international tourism. This is for both recreational sporters (read; families) as well as professional players and teams. And not just football, but a wide variety in sports activities. Obviously football is there prominently, but it's not just the good old footy.

The main pitch with a fairly large grandstand is being flanked by a couple of training pitches including covered stands as well. In between and around those pitches there is also room for tennis, athletics, swimming and lots of indoor sports. The whole complex is definitely worth a visit and the people working there are warm and welcoming. They're eager to guide you and provide you with extra information. For us this seems like a worthy contender next to the typical Spanish locations for those winter trips a lot of football clubs do in December or January.

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