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GROUND // Ship Lane - Thurrock FC (England)

It doesn't happen that often a fairly new team and new ground is extremely interesting for nostalgic groundhoppers, does it? Well... Welcome to Thurrock FC.

Thurrock FC is playing in the most wonderful Ship Lane. Thurrock FC was only founded in 1985 and the ground where they are playing was also only developed in that period. Originally named Purfleet FC, this new team immediately climbed up. In 1992 already they won promotion to Division One of the Isthmian League and two years later they even went up to the Premier Division. In 2003 the name was changed into the current Thurrock FC, a period in which they won a couple of cup finals and were one of the founding fathers of the new Conference South.

By the end of the nillies Thurrock FC struggled more and more to stay in the Conference South and after the resignation of their manager they had to face relegation at the end of that season. Ever since Thurrock FC is playing in the Isthmian League again.

The most interesting part is the ground itself of course. Originally this all was part of the neighbouring hotel. In the beginning there were only two pitches. The dressing rooms and everything else was in the hotel. Along the years the pitches were moved so a real stand and full stadium could be built. In 1988 the floodlights were erected as well. Only 31 years old, but already a very nice history for the team and a great ground to visit! Visiting the UK? Definitely pass by Aveley!


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