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GROUND // Sportcity - FC Saint-Michel

Not far away from Stade Fallon there is another Elascon grandstand to be found. FC Saint-Michel is a fairly young team compared to the other football teams in Brussels, but football in Saint-Michel itself is already going on for a very long time.

Only a few years after the first official championship in 1895 the school of Saint-Michel started with football for the youngsters. A lot of great players came from this school, but due to lack of an official football team they often moved to the already known bigger teams in Brussels, mostly White Star (later on RWDM) and FC Leopold. In 1968 this vision changed. First real talks started to form an official team. Finally in 1971 FC Saint-Michel was created.

Between October 1971 and May 1972 20 friendly games were played of which 17 were won by the team. This led to the start of a new history. The next season they started playing in the official leagues, obviously starting in the lowest regional level in Brabant. While the number of teams (reserves and youth) were extended the next couple of years the first team started playing on the old pitch of White Star (rue Kelle). Due to the growing number of teams the first team quickly moved to the neighbouring Woluwé St-Pierre to share Stade Evrard with OFC Stockel. Later on the name of the stadium was changed into Sportcity. Finally in 1976 the team promoted to the 7th division and in 1980 even to 6th division.

During the end of the 70s the stadium at Sportcity was built and FC Saint-Michel had to move back to the old pitches for a while. But during the 80s the team would fall back to the lowest division. Up until now the team would move up and down between 7th and 8th division. Quite remarkable when you look at the infrastructure they have; a beautiful Elascon grandstand and a lot of attention for other sports activities as well.


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