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GROUND // Sportpark ONA - VV ONA

Not that far away from the Brasserskade in Delft, there is another beautiful Elascon stand to be found. In Gouda there are several teams, but VV ONA plays in an absolute gem.

VV ONA is mostly known for the period they played semi professional football and the fact they are the official amateur partner of Feyenoord Rotterdam. The team was founded almost 100 years ago in 1919 (so soon they will have a big centennial party) as voetbalvereniging Ontspanning Na Arbeid (freely translated as Relaxation After Work) - better known as VV ONA.

Throughout the first couple of decades ONA mainly played in second, third and fourth amateur division in The Netherlands, up until the time they decided to go semi professional in 1955. They started off in second national division, but after only one year they already relegated to third division. There they kept on playing for four more years but in 1960 VV ONA decided to go back to amateur football. Ever since they have been going up and down between first and fourth amateur leagues.

The biggest successes in those divisions were mainly in the 60s (first division) and the 70s and a couple of years in the nillies when they played in second division. Currently they are just back in third division after winning fourth division last season.

ONA is playing on this ground since 1929, but the Elascon stand must be from the period they played semi professional football. It's almost unbelievable how well maintained the stand is. It looks like it has been built only a couple of years ago. Whenever you are in the neighbourhood of DHC Delft or ADO Den Haag this is definitely a must see!


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