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GROUND // Sportstadion Die Fonteinen - SC Vilvoorde

This stadium was originally built for Vilvoorde FC, but due to the bankruptcy of that team it nowadays is the homeground of new founded team SC Vilvoorde.

Vilvoorde was one of those cities that had a good team before WWII. Never a high ending team, but always present in the national leagues. After WWII it all went downhill and they spent over 50 years in the lower divisions. In 1990 they even decided not to participate to any league at all. At the end of their existence they reached the national leagues again, but it wasn't a long story to be told. In 2010 they filed for bankruptcy.

In 2013 SC Vilvoorde was founded. The stadium has always been the homeground of the athletics team of Vilvoorde as well. The atheltics team knew more success and had some of the biggest athletes in Belgium. Latest known star coming of this team was Kim Gevaert.


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