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GROUND // Stade ADEPS - Entente Sportive Jamboise

We couldn't visit the stadium of UR Namur without going to the stadium of ES Jamboise as well as Namur and Jambes are very much linked to each other. The Stade ADEPS has been the original homeground of the very first team or UR Namur in the 20s (most likely, as we couldn't find any confirmation on that), and als in the beginning of the new millennium UR Namur played there for a couple of months/one season.

Originally a team in Jambes merged with two teams in Namur to become the now known UR Namur and the new born team started playing in Jambes. That didn't last long, as they moved to Namur pretty quickly, but Jambes couldn't live without having a team of their own. Royale Entente Sportive Jamboise was first founded in 1930 and played their games in the Stade ADEPS, originally named Stade Communal de Jambes. They played a great amount of seasons in national third division, but failed to maintain that level. Throughout the years RES Jamboise relegated to the regional leagues again.

In 1989 Jambes and Namur met for a second time in a merge when the two teams became RFC Namur. The name was changed back into UR Namur a few years later. RFC Namur went on playing in Namur, so the stadium in Jambes was left empty again. This resulted in the foundation of yet another team in Jambes, Entente Sportive Jambes was created in 1999 and took Stade ADEPS as the logical homeground. In the first year of the new millennium UR Namur joined them as their own Stade Michel Soulier was torn down, but they moved out quickly again.

Recently the decision was made Stade ADEPS will be shared with the big neighbour UR Namur again pretty soon. The fans of UR Namur are very divided about this. Some see this as a coming home, while others (and dare we say 'most') don't like the move as the athletics tracks around the pitch will make the atmosphere go away. UR Namur did however make the promise they will make sure the stadium will be modernised, a new grandstand will be built and there will be a VIP area as well.


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