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GROUND // Stade Chazal - FC Kosova Schaerbeek

As you might have noticed already, Brussels is filled with wonderful football history. Schaerbeek is definitely one of the parts of the capital where there was a lot of attention to sports and football.

Royal Cercle de Sportif Schaerbeek was the first team there to be founded in 1912 and two years later they moved into the newly built Stade du Crossing. The same year Royal Cercle Athlétique de Schaerbeek was founded and to accomodate this athletics team the city decided to build Stade Chazal in 1924.

They have been the sole user of the ground for a couple of decades until football was introduced with RUS Albert Schaerbeek. RUSAS always played in the regional leagues and just like the stadium it was always in the shadow of the bigger RCS Schaerbeek and Stade du Crossing. In 2001 Stade Chazal was completely renovated and all of the athletics infrastructure was demolished. RCAS finally moved out to Complexe Sportif Terdelt but RUSAS got company of a fairly new football team, FC Kosova Schaerbeek (founded in 1993/1994).

The ten years that followed would completely redesign the football scenery in Schaerbeek. After RCS Schaerbeek merged to RCC de Schaerbeek and finally moved out to Elewijt (becoming Crossing Elewijt) Stade du Crossing was left abandoned. In 2011/2012 this got completely renovated and at the same time RUSAS merged with RFC Evere to become Crossing Schaerbeek Evere (in the meantime they dropped the "Evere" part). To step in the shoes of the former Crossing they also moved to Stade du Crossing (getting the company of Renaissance Club Schaerbeek (the former Racing Club de Schaerbeek that took over the matricule number of SK Terjoden-Welle, just to stay on a fairly high level of football). All of this meant FC Kosova Schaerbeek now is the sole user of Stade Chazal (with only one physical memory to the old RUSAS past - see pictures). Trabzon Schaerbeek sometimes plays games in Stade Chazal as well.

Nowadays the stadium has a new grandstand and an artificial pitch and we'll have to settle with this as we can't find any older pictures of how the stadium used to look like. If you are in the neighbourhood of Stade du Crossing, this one is worth a quick visit as well.


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