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GROUND // Stade Communal de Jette - RSD Jette & BX Brussels

Terracing for the win! Especially in Jette, part of the Brussels region. There we can find the Stade Communal de Jette which is being used by two teams these days, one older and one fairly new team: RSD Jette and BX Brussels.

RSD Jette was founded in 1922 and was in fact the result of different teams joining forces. Already in the period before WWI there were several teams in Jette such as La Jettoise, Excelsior Jette, Saint-Anne Jette, Dieleghem Jette, Union et Progress Jette and Sporting Club Jette. Neither of them really made any big difference in the higher leagues. In 1922 several teams joined forces and formed one team, named Sporting Club Union et Progress Jette, better known as SCUP Jette. A few years later they also filed for a matricule number.

They started off in the regional leagues, but in 1931 they already reached the national divisions for the first time. Throughout the 30s they would mainly play in third division, sometimes relegating back to the regional leagues. This would be the same during WWII, but as soon as the war was over SCUP Jette couldn't manage going back to the national leagues again. Only after a fourth national division was created in 1952 they returned to the big leagues. The 50s would become a nice decade for the team as they even reached third division, but when the 60s approached the decay started. The 60s and the 70s were mainly a period of going up and down between fourth division and the highest regional level.

After the dark 80s Royal SCUP Jette returned to the big boys in 1991, but yet again this wasn't for long. By the end of the millennium they even relegated to the 6th level and in 2002 they decided to join forces with the in 1975 founded Etoile Dieleghem. The new name is the now known Royal Sporting Club Union et Progress Dieleghem Jette, often abbreviated to RSD Jette. In 2004 they would play in fourth division for one year, but up until now they keep leveling up and down between the highest regional level and the second highest. These days RSD Jette is focusing a lot on youth players and they are very proud to say that players like Faris Haroun, Nordine Jbari, Alain De Nil, the late Malanda, Godeau and Badibanga have played in the youth teams of RSD Jette.

Speaking about attention for youth players... the second team playing in this great Stade Communal de Jette has a great focus on keeping children off the streets. BX Brussels is a project of Red Devil Vincent Kompany. This team was originally founded as FC Bleid in 1986 (so a fairly young team). Bleid is in fact a very small city in the most southern part of Belgium, near Virton in the province of Luxemburg, near the borders with France and the country Luxemburg. As of 1994 they started going up and by the year 2002 they reached the highest regional level in Luxemburg. In 2004 the high hopes of national football were reached and for the first time they would promote to fourth division. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 they missed promotion to third division in the play offs, but in 2009 they hit the jackpot and promoted to third division.

But this success also had a downside. In 2010 they had some financial problems and bankruptcy was only just avoided. The team name was changed into FC Bleid-Gaume, but in 2012 the chairman finally decided to sell the matricule number. At first a group around the former RWDM was interested in buying the matricule number in order to revive the cult team RWDM, but the deal fell through. Early 2013 Vincent Kompany appeared in the show and bought the team, with one condition only; the team had to move to Brussels. And so be it... The team name was changed into BX Brussels (Brussels is often referred to as BX on the streets and in youth language) and the team moved to Brussels. After the relegation of FC Bleid-Gaume to fourth division in 2013, BX Brussels kept relegating further. In 2004 they relegated from fourth division, therefore going back to the regional leagues; this time in Brabant. Last season they relegated to sixth division.

Both teams have great projects and maintain a big focus on youth and keeping children out of the streets. The stadium they are doing this in is also pure gold. It has beautiful terracing and a cute grandstand. The only downside is that there is nothing to be seen of BX being a team there. All focus is on RSD Jette.


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