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GROUND // Stade Cosse - RC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus B

Again in Charleroi we have also visited the second stadium of RC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus. Currently their B team is playing in this stadium, but originally it was the hometown of RUS Fleurusienne.

We have already given you the remarkable history of RC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurs in last weeks update. RUS Fleurusienne was also one of the older teams in Belgium however. The team started off in 1909 as Etoile Sportive Fleurusienne and received the very nice matricule number 99 in 1926. In 1962 the team changed its name into Royale Union Fleurusienne, approximately in the same period another team from Fleurus (Royal Fleurus Sports) ceased all activities.

They didn't merge but RUF took over a lot of youth players from Fleurus Sports. RUF did merge with another team in 1978. Sporting Club Lambusart decided to joing forces with RUF and the official team name became Sporting Club Lambusart-Fleurus, a continuation of RUF on all levels except for the matricule number. The new team moved to the stadium of SC Lambusart, but kept using Stade Cosse for the B team.

In 1996 the team, until then all of the previously mentioned teams always played in the regional divisions, reached the national leagues for the very first time. In 2002, after another merge with Jeunesse Sportive Heppignies the first team started playing in the stadium of JS Heppignies, the B team in the old stadium of SC Lambusart and only the C team played in Stade Cosse. It wasn't untill 2013-2014 the B team of the new RC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus team moved to Stade Cosse for their games.

We didn't expect much from the stadium, but once we were there we immediately felt bad not going there on a match day. Looking at the state of the pitch it must be quite a sight to see the football players play around in the mud.

Anecdote: After Nicolas Anelka took over R Géants Athois he moved the team to Stade Cosse for a couple of months before moving it again, this time to the stadium of KSK Ronse and before R Géants Athois finally had to cease all activities.


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