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GROUND // Stade de la Malaise - AS Morlanwelz (lost ground)

La Louvière, in the province of Hainaut, has a relatively known history. The 2003 cup winner doesn't exist anymore, but in the meantime a very complex football history followed. We won't be diving into those details right now, but will rather focus on the more peaceful and neighbouring village of Morlanwelz.

The Stade de la Malaise underwent a couple of serious changes recently. The old stand has been abandoned. Instead the team has built a completely new complex next to the old pitch. As a tribute to the old stand, we dive into the history of Morlanwelz, including La Hestre and Carnières. Morlanwelz was the first with their own team: Football Club Morlanwelz started in 1923, but disappeared four years later. Morlanwelz Sports, founded in 1929, had more success. After a name change (to Racing Club de Jolimon) in 1962 they continued for ten more years, but in the end they too vanished in 1972. All throughout its 43 years of activity, the club stayed in the regional leagues.

The other two villages had their attempts as well. Football Club Carnièrois existed for five years - between 1930 and 1935 - although the matricule number only disappeared in 1943, one year before the team was re-founded with the same name. In 1943 they joined the Belgian FA. The first one for La Hestre was Club Sportif Mutuelliste La Hestrois in 1967. But only twelve years later the team stopped all activities. La Hestre saw its first real club in 1971 when Football Club La Hestrois was created.

But Morlanwelz kept moving as well. Amicale Club Morlanwelz started in 1968 and - after RC de Jolimon disappeared - AC Morlanwelz became the number one team in the village. All those teams always played the regional leagues. But that many clubs on such a short distance - that doesn't cope with modern football unfortunately. Mergers were bound to happen and the first one took place in 1986. FC La Hestrois, known as Association Sportive La Hestre since 1982, was completely absorbed by AC Morlanwelz whom also kept the same name as before.

But still the complete story wasn't told. As in 2013 a new merger happened. This time Carnières got involved. RFC Carnièrois took matricule number 3806 with them to take over AC Morlanwelz and become Association Sportive Morlanwelz. All of this combined with a brand new stadium turned out to be the spark the team needed. Matricule number 3806 managed to reach the top regional leagues for the first time recently. How about a unique event for the three villages together and go for a promotion to the national divisions? Who knows...

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