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GROUND // Stade de Theux - RAF Franchimontois (lost ground)

Not that far away from Spa we find another absolute beauty. In Theux there used to be one of the oldest teams in Belgium in a now lost ground Stade de Theux. These days the team has a new name, underwent a merger and plays in a different, less attractive stadium. But nevertheless, Theux is definitely worth a visit. And we'd recommend to be hasty. You never know when this will be torn down.

Sporting Club Theux was founded in 1901 and immediately played on a very high level. In 1909 they managed to get promoted to second division, but it would only last until 1911. In the 20s they would return once and after having received the beautiful matricule number 14 in 1926 they would come back to the national leagues in the 30s as well. After being relegated back to the regional leagues in 1937 it would take the team more than 50 years to come back. Between 1990 and 1994 they played in fourth division. 1998 would be a big year for RSC Theux as they would merge with the neighbouring RCS Juslenvillois to become RAF Franchimontois. They kept the matricule number of RSC Theux, but the merger didn't bring back the good old days. Up until now the team is moving up and down between the regional leagues.

Only four years ago, in 2012, the decision was made to move to a newer complex - a more modern stadium to accomodate the team in a better way. We're not sure when SC Theux started playing in Stade de Theux, but it must have been a very long time as it's one of those typical wooden stands.

After four years we were amazed this is still standing. Let the pictures speak for themselves. This is one beautiful lost ground ladies and gentlemen!


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