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GROUND // Stade du Panorama - Cercle Sportif Verviers B

Last week we posted the Stade Communal de Bielmont in Vervies. In the meantime it has become clear that the former RCS Verviétois has started over with a new matricule number at the lowest level as of this season. The new team name now is Cercle Sportif Verviers.

It wasn't immediately clear where they would play their games. It seemed like they would return to the old heimat of RCSV - Stade du Panorama. But a couple of days ago we saw that they finally moved to Stade Communal de Bielmont for the matches of the first team.

Most of the others teams of CSV will play their games at Stade du Panorama. But CSV is not the only team playing there. It seems Etoile Verviétoise is also playing their home games there and FCE Stembertoise does as well. A lot of teams from lower divisions and that's what a lot of people would expect if you look at the stadiums accomodations. But the ground has a different history. RCSV was one of the few teams in the neighbourhood to have played almost their entire existence in the national leagues (including first and second division) and most of those seasons were played in Stade du Panorama.

The stadium has seen the biggest teams in the country as a visiting team. Quite remarkable to know, but there is some great history. And the stadium did not steal its name. The pitch is located this way you'll definitely have a panoramic view over the city of Verviers at one side off the pitch. There is some very nice terracing and the chalet is unique. This surely is a must see when you are in the neighbourhood of Verviers!


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