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GROUND // Stade Georges Piscart - RSC Wasmes

In our previous post we talked about Colfontaine and the biggest team, RSC Pâturageois. We also briefly touched on FC Colfontaine, a younger team in this village. Now it seems FC Colfontaine has to cease all activities as they don't have a stadium anymore. But before we dive into this we want to talk about another beautiful lower league ground in Colfontaine, the Stade Georges Piscart.

This extraordinary yellow/red coloured stadium is the homeground of RSC Wasmes. Wasmes is, just like Pâturages, a part of Colfontaine and RSC Wasmes is, just like RSC Pâturageois, one of the older teams in Belgium. Founded in 1921 they received matricule number 137 in 1926. Sporting Club Wasmes spent the first couple of decades in the regional leagues, but as many teams in this neighbourhood, they hit the national divisions as well. This happened for the first time during WWII, in 1942.

The 40s and 50s would be the two most successful decades of the team as they would mostly stay in third and fourth division. Three years interrupted their national story, but in 1959 it was all over. After thirteen years in the national leagues SC Wasmes would permanently go back to the regional leagues. The next decades the team would go up and down the higher regional leagues, playing a lot of derbies against RSC Pâturageois. Often heated derbies. But very recently the team started to hit rock bottom. RSC Wasmes not only relegated to the third regional league, but last year they even had to play in the lowest regional league. Something they never had to do in their entire history.

To make things worse, in January 2019 Georges Piscart passed away. He was secretary and chairman of the team for a very long time and his loss tremendously hit the team. Luckily, as an act of honour, RSC Wasmes made it back to the third regional league.

Going back to FC Colfontaine. When they were founded in 2013 they cherished a lot of hopes and ambition. During the first four years of their existence they had an agreement with RSC Wasmes to play their games in the Stade Georges Piscart. In 2018 they moved to the Stade Achille Delattre. Now it seems the agreement with RSC Pâturageois has ended and FC Colfontaine ended up without a stadium. The Belgian FA was forced to exclude FC Colfontaine from any competition in season 2019-20.


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