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GROUND // Stade Henri Rochefort - RFC Houdinois

It was time again for us to visit the Wallonian region again. Lots of treasures to be found and still a lot left "unPitch'd". We decided to go back to La Louvière (Houdeng) and visit Stade Henri Rochefort, homeground of RFC Houdinois. A pure beauty, yes it is.

Around WWI Houdeng-Gœgnies and Houdeng-Aimeries (in the suburbs of La Louvière) had two amateur clubs. The latter had Football Club Houdinois and the first had Sporting Club Houdinois. FC Houdinois was the first of the two to join the Belgian FA, this happened in 1923. Shortly after (in 1926) the two teams decided to join forces and become one team. The team name remained FC Houdinois and it was decided to play their games in Houdeng-Gœgnies. Slowly but surely the team worked its way up the leagues and during the 30s they managed to get to the highest regional league already.

In 1945 FC Houdinois first joined the big leagues by going to the national third division for the very first time. Although it was for one year only, they had tasted success. By 1949 they already returned and this time they stayed until 1952, also the year they became RFC Houdinois. In 1953 they came back already although it was in fourth division this time after the restructuring of the competition. In 1961 their national story was over for a while. During the 60s they mostly played the regional leagues.

Apart from one year (1969-70) and another short spell during the 70s (1973-75) the 70s would be mostly regional football as well. It would take them until 2006 to briefly come back to the big boys for one year. Up until this day they still play in the regional leagues. Remarkable though is the fact they have played in the top regional leagues for over 60 years. It seems they are very consistent in their results.

The Stade Henri Rochefort is one absolute eye catcher. No terracing, but what a beautiful rundown grandstand, containing the perfect amount of wood. This is exactly what a lower league groundhopper is looking for. We did not visit their B ground, but since it is located in Houdeng-Aimeries, this makes us believe this might be the old ground of the Sporting Club. But we could be mistaking here.


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