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GROUND // Stade Louis Piérard - Athletic Club Quaregnon-Wasmuël/FC Borina Quaregnon

Quaregnon is most likely well known for its basketball history. Especially during the 90s they were very successful in the Belgians first division, but in 1998 the team decided to move to the neighbouring Mons. Quaregnon was left empty and with a very complicated football history.

Although Quaregnon already saw football since 1930 none of the teams that have been active there or still are have ever made it to the national divisions. The very first one was Borina Club Quaregnon which was founded in 1930. For a very long time this was the only team in the village (not taking into account any teams in surrounding villages that became a part of Quaregnon throughout the decades, such as Wasmuël). For 67 years straight they just went up and down in the regional leagues, leading a peaceful existence. The only remarkable note was them becoming a Royal team in 1956 and their long stay in the top regional league between 1974 and 1994.

In 1997 though the team merged with Cercle Royal Etoile Rouge de Quaregnon-Wasmuël, a team located in the earlier mentioned Wasmuël which became a part of Quaregnon in 1977. The new team name became Royale Etoile Boraine Quaregnon. This merger didn't bring any positive results though. In the contrary, the team went from the second highest regional league to absolutely rock bottom in 2008. That season they even almost ended on the last spot and by the end of the season (in 2009) REB Quaregnon ceased all activities.

For three years straight Quaregnon and the Stade Louis Piérard remained empty and without any football. In 2012 though two teams of the local FA Royal Groupement Corporatif Centre-Mons-Borinage (RGCCMB) decided to merge and join the Belgian FA to fill in the empty spot REB Quaregnon had left. Those two teams were Juventus Bridgestone and Jeunesse Turque Ataspor. The new team name became JS Borina Quaregnon. For three years the team made the newspapers on a very regular basis. Unfortunately it wasn't because they were marauding the leagues, but rather due to the behaviour of the players and the fans which was - to say the least - to the aggressive side.

In 2015 the owner of the club was fed up with all of this and he brought the team in contact with AEDEC Hyon. That same year the two teams merged to become AEDEC Hyon-Quaregnon. Only the B team would play in the Stade Louis Piérard. One year later already they left the stadium and the 'Quaregnon' bit was dropped from the name, returning to the original AEDEC Hyon. The stadium was left without football again, but this time it wouldn't take three years.

Already in 2016 two teams were created to fill in the empty space. First was AEDEC Quaregnon-Wasmuël, which was later changed into Athletic Club Quaregnon-Wasmuël. Shortly after FC Academy Quaregnon Wasmuël was created as well, quickly renamed into FC Borina Quaregnon. Both of them are very young teams, both of them playing in the Stade Louis Piérard, both of them still playing in the lowest regional league, although not in the same division. Future is looking bright again in Quaregnon!


Oct 23, 2020

My father played there in April 1960 in a tournament Byron Portsmouth fc vs Etoile rouge see link for poster. He is M Cruickshank


I used to live in this area and my Corpo football team used to be regularly in the same division as JTA Quaregnon. They were the most aggressive team I have ever played against. I quit the league the day their coach headbutted me and broke my nose even though they were winning 1-0.

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