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GROUND // Stade Pierre Lamstaes - US Bray-Dunes (France)

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

It was only a matter of time before we visited a French ground. After Belgium (duh), Holland, Germany, England, South Africa, Argentina and Brazil, France is the next country we can add to our list. It is a true lower league team and ground, but - much like in Belgium - it's a true beauty with a magnificent grandstand. The Stade Pierre Lamstaes could easily be found somewhere in Belgium as well.

Union Sportive de Bray-Dunes first say the football daylight in 1933 and apart from two years of inactivity during WWII it has always played in the regional leagues in France. Up until the 60s USBD just consisted of the regular A team, but since then youth teams started to play as well. Since the 80s the youth teams exploded and now they are represent in each age category.

There isn't much to be found on the history of the team. But we could find they won a couple of regional divisions. Especially the 90s period proved to be a successful era. In 1993 they won promotion to the regional first division and in 1997 they won that regional first division. 1999 and 2000 were great years as well as they won the regional championship and the interregional championship. We must assume anything before and also after went pretty peacefully for the team without winning too much.

The stadium - named after former president of the team - is an absolute gem for groundhoppers like us. It has a massive grandstand, not completely run down, but enough to make it charming. Next to the grandstand on the left side, you'll find something that resembles like the remainings of what used to be terracing. If it never was there, it definitely has the potential to be used as terracing. Just like a good stadium needs to be.


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