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GROUND // Stade Reine Astrid - RCS Nivellois

Walloon Brabant doesn't have much football history. But there are some teams that have an interesting life and play in a nice stadium. Nivelles is one of those few cities.

Nivelles is most likely most known for the gang of Nivelles in the 80s, but when visiting Stade Reine Astrid it also became clear Nivelles is a very green village with a lot of attention to sports. Near this stadium there is also room for basketball, hockey, swimming, athletics and rugby.

Originally Royal Stade Nivellois played in Stade Reine Astrid (not to be mistaken with the Stade Reine Astrid in Congo - quite majestic as well). This team was founded in 1921 and often played the big leagues. Stade Nivellois was even the first team of Walloon Brabant that made it to the national leagues. Between 1943 and 1946 they even played in second division. But in the early 60s the team relegated back to the regional leagues and the decision was made to cease all activities. Nivelles lost its renomated team in 1963.

But it didn't take long for the stadium had a new player. Not long before the ceased activities of Stade Nivellois, Jeunesse Sportive Baulersoise was founded in 1954. In 1963 the moved to Nivelles and changed their name into Cercle Sportif Nivellois as a successor of the parished Stade Nivellois. This team never played on a higher level until 1996 when they first reached fourth division. They maintained the national levels up until 2004 when they relegated back to the regional leagues only never to return so far. At this moment they started their season in seventh division.

It seems as if RCS Nivellois isn't playing in this stadium anymore since very shortly. Or at least that is what we could find on their website. No idea when this happened or what exactly happened.


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