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GROUND // Stadion Maurice Janssens - K Rode Duivels Zoutleeuw

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The Red Devils are playing the lowest regional level in Flemish Brabant, Belgium. We're not talking about the 'Golden Generation' of the national team, but rather the devils from Zoutleeuw. This city in Brabant has been living in between the successes of Tienen and Sint-Truiden.

The people from Zoutleeuw were rather quick in the football game. In 1928 Football Club Woodward Zoutleeuw started playing. But it wouldn't last long. They disappeared again in 1932. Three years later, another club was ready to take over. Leeuwsche Voetbalvereeniging Zoutleeuw would last longer. Leeuwsche VV did alternate between successful promotions to the second regional league and an occasional relegation back to the third regional division. The last relegation was in 1956 and they would never recover from that. In 1960 Leeuwsche VV stopped playing as well.

Three times is a charm, they must have thought in Zoutleeuw. Rode Duivels Zoutleeuw was created in 1967. They too managed to get their fair share of promotions and relegations. But the club kept its focus in the third and fourth regional leagues in Brabant. Despite playing in the lower leagues, Rode Duivels Zoutleeuw did construct quite the stadium themselves.

The Stadium Maurice Janssens is a very well maintained little stadium, pretty much hidden behind the old fire station of the city. It contains a seating area and there are loads of elements with respect to their own history. Whether or not Rode Duivels Zoutleeuw will ever reach any higher leagues is a question mark for everyone. But in case this happens, there is plenty of space for expansion.

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