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GROUND // Stedelijk Sportstadion Roeselare - FLAC Roeselare/KAV Roeselare/Roeselaarse Judovereniging

Just a stone throw away from the Rodenbach stadium in Roeselare there is another fairly large stadium to be found; the Stedelijk Sportstadion Roeselare. We have to be honest here, it's more an athletics stadium. But throughout the years there has been quite some football as well.

It was originally built as an athletics stadium, but these days it's mainly being used for multi sports events. The FLAC Roeselare, KAV Roeselare (both athletics) and the Roeselaarse Judovereniging are the usual occupants of the stadium, but athletics and judo are being accompanied by several ad hoc events. Most people will keep looking at this stadium as a multi sports location.

But throughout the years, quite some football teams have been active there as well. We couldn't find any teams which are officially a member of the Belgian FA that had their home stadium here, but the old KFC Roeselare is told to have used this as their training ground as well. Apart from this, we mainly have to turn our eye to the non league amateur teams.

We received some info saying that the local football team of the Rodenbach brewery mainly played their home games in the Stedelijk Sportstadion (and not in the Rodenbach stadium). Whether this is true or not is very difficult to find out. We did find confirmation on other non league teams that used to play their home games here, such as the 1941 newly formed football team of the civil servants of the city of Roeselare.

To find out the exact football history of this stadium is an almost impossible job. Whomever has any information, we are more than interested to receive this and amend our article. But it seems safe to assume this was only being used by non league teams for a shorter period.

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