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GROUND // 't Zand - KVV OG Vorselaar

Is it Gent or Genk? Is it Beerse, Beersel or Beerzel? Is it Hofstade near Aalst or Hofstade near Mechelen? Is it Vorselaar or Vosselaar? This time it's definitely Vorselaar. A few weeks ago we went by the charming 't Zand, a true oldschool stadium in the middle of the green fields in the Kempen. Not only the stadium itself and the name of the stadium is wonderful, also the name of the team is absolutely great - KVV Ons Genoegen Vorselaar.

Already before the Great War of 14-18 there was football in Vorselaar. Two youngsters decided to go to Antwerp and buy a football. While playing in the streets of Vorselaar it didn't take long before more people were interested and an unofficial team was formed, named Kempische Sjotters. Unfortunately the war prevented the team from really developing. After the war though activities were started up again and in 1922 it was all officialized with the creation of Voetbal Vereniging Ons Genoegen Vorselaar (Our Joy - literally translated).

In the beginning the team played on an unleveled field, but after five years the team requested the right to play on a field which belonged to a baron. Thinking this football thing would never last long in a village like Vorselaar, the baron agreed to the proposal. Spicy detail: the team is still playing on the exact same ground now. Little did the baron know.

The matricule number is rather high for a team that was formed in 1922 already (402), but it kind of makes more sense when you know VV OG Vorselaar only joined the Belgian FA in 1924. That was also the year when they started playing in the regional leagues in Antwerp. Like many other teams formed in the old football ages in Belgium they also managed to reach the national divisions during the 30s; in 1938 to be exact. This was third division at that time. They stayed there for three years and relegated during WWII. But after the war the Belgian FA decided to undo all relegations during the war and VV OG Vorselaar was given a chance to play in the national divisions again. Unfortunately they managed to stay for only two more years.

After becoming a royal team in 1955 KVV OG Vorselaar did return back to the national divisions in 1956 (fourth division, which was newly created in the early 50s). After seven glorious years, they relegated back to the regional leagues in 1963 and stayed there for almost 20 full years. In 1981 finally they came back, together with KFC Germinal Ekeren. We all know what happened with Germinal afterwards with glorious results and a sad downfall. KVV OG wouldn't experience the same though. Up until 1991 the team would remain in fourth division. The 90s were filled with regional football again.

One last time national football started in 1999. In their first year they immediately ended second and just missed promotion to third division, but the second year already was the exact opposite. In 2001 they finally disappeared from national football. Ever since they are going up and down in the regional leagues, currently playing in the second highest regional league.

The stadium then. It's an absolute gem, without a doubt. The main stands were obviously built during the 60s or 70s. There is one nice grandstand with seats. Originally enough the backside of this grandstand forms a small stand for the B pitch. Next to the grandstand is some small terracing and on the other side is one huge standing area. Absolutely wonderful!


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