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GROUND // Van Weyenberghstadion - KV Tremelo

Yet another beautiful lower league ground which is not often visited by groundhoppers. At least not to our knowledge. Somewhere between Mechelen and Leuven there is Tremelo, more known for Father Damien than for football. But nevertheless there is a very nice ground to be found; the Van Weyenberghstadion.

It all started in 1930. FC Tremelo was founded and started playing in regional leagues. It wasn't until during WWII they joined the Belgian FA. Ever since they have always played in the regional leagues. They never even made it to the highest regional league, but that didn't stop them to build a nice little history and a beautiful stadium.

Their absolute highest peak was at the end of the previous millennium when they promoted to the second highest regional league (in 1998). In the beginning the results were great, but after a while KFC Tremelo started to relegate to the lower leagues again. In 2007 they relegated back to the fourth provincial division, the lowest there is.

There they met Baanbrekers Tremelo (active since the 70s) and instead of competing against each other they decided to merge into KV Tremelo. Two years ago KVT promoted back to the third provincial division.

Playing in such low leagues they did manage they attract two very known football players. One being Rik De Saedeleer (an all time Racing Mechelen player - except for a couple of friendly games during the great war for FC Tremelo and Gooik FC) and the other (more recent) being the German Daniel Simmes. He had a history at Borussia Dortmund, Karlsruhe SC, Alemannia Aachen and Lierse SK before ending his career at KFC Tremelo.

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