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GROUND // Veldstraat - KSV White Star Adinkerke

Updated: May 6, 2022

In the entire south-west of Belgium, there are quite some football teams very close to each other. For a few years now, most of them have been working together at some level. But one team remains strong and independent. Meet White Star Adinkerke!

Adinkerke is known for its beautiful nature, wide open fields, dunes, WWI memorials, a charming little village centre and the hypermodern Plopsaland. Forming a part of De Panne, White Star Adinkerke has always sailed its own course. Sportvereeniging White Star Adinkerke was founded in 1937 and was named after White Star AC (the W in RWDM) because the first chairman was a huge fan of the Brussels club.

SV White Star always led a very quiet and peaceful existence, moving around in the lower regional leagues. In the 70s they expanded their team with some youth teams and by 1982 they found themselves in the second regional division. Moving up and down a little bit, KSV White Star experienced some nice results as of 2013. That's when they promoted to the top regional division.

White Star Adinkerke's rise didn't stop there. In 2015, the club suddenly promoted to fourth division, the national leagues. Only for one year though, but one with huge consequences. After one more year in the top regional division, White Star took a sabbatical. In 2018 they restarted in the lowest regional league. Right now they're already one league up.

Paying a visit to the Belgian coast? Make sure to visit White Star as well. Not too far away from a beautiful stadium in Bray-Dunes (yes, France) and filled with charming lower league elements and a beautiful grandstand, KSV White Star Adinkerke seems to be back on track after some difficult years. Let's hope they stay safe from any merger stories.

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