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GROUND // Wauterbosstadion - KFC Rhodienne-De Hoek

In the southern part of the Brussels region, in Sint-Genesius-Rode to be exact, there is a team with a weird and interesting history and a more than wonderful stadium; KFC Rhodienne-De Hoek.

The history tells itself in two different ways. On paper Rhodienne-De Hoek is the continuation of the former Racing Club de Bruxelles (the R in RWDM). RRCB was 1891 and gained a football team in 1894. Quickly it became one of the stronger teams in Belgium, winning a handful of titles, but during the 20s and 30s they mostly went up and down between first and second division. Directly after WWII they had a consistent period in first division but finally in 1963 they decided to merge with White Star AC to become Royal Racing White. In order not to loose the magical matricule number 6 and the trophees RRCB had won they found a partner in crime in FC La Rhodienne. RRCB changed their name into RFC La Rhodienne and one day later FC La Rhodienne changed its name into RRCB. Another day later RFC La Rhodienne became K Sport St-Genesius-Rode and the board members switched teams. That way the old matricule number of FC La Rhodienne merged with White Star and the old matricule number of RRCB continued existing.

FC La Rhodienne (the original one - with matricule number 1274) was founded in 1927 and started playing in the regional leagues. Shortly after the great war (in 1948) they first reached the national divisions; third division at that time. For the next 15 years they would go up and down between the national and regional leagues. Right up until the moment of the above mentioned matricule number switch/merge. In 1963 matricule number 1274 finally disappeared. But their spirit wasn't dead as the team and board members of the new K Sport St-Genesius-Rode (number 6) were still the same as the old FC La Rhodienne (1274). For the next ten years the team would stay in the national divisions following in the footsteps RRCB had left, but since the early 70s they returned to the old habits of the old La Rhodienne.

Between 1972 and 1998 they played in several regional leagues. In 1996 they underwent a first real merger with KVC Verrewinkel to become KFC Rhodienne-Verrewinkel. Between 1998 and 2006 the merger brought some successes as they were able to play in the national divisions again. By 2010 a second merger followed making every memory of Verrewinkel disappear. This time they merged with KVC Hoger-Op De Hoek to become the current KFC Rhodienne-De Hoek.

As of 1969 the team played in the Wauterbos stadium, one magical place with a wonderful grandstand, huge terracing and two banana shaped curves behind the goals. This is almost how a good oldschool stadium should be!


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