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GROUND // Wegvoeringstraat - RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht (lost ground)

Sometimes we come across small stadiums with a rather rich history of teams you would least expect it from. Like the ones in the small town of Wetteren.

Recently it was announced Standaard Wetteren en RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht would merge into RFC Wetteren. The matricule number of RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht would be used for the new team (so in theory RFC Wetteren is a continuation of RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht) - most likely because it's the oldest matricule number of the two (and since the two teams both played in fourth division the merger would start in fourth division anyway), but the new team would use the grounds of Standaard Wetteren.

For now the grounds of RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht are being used as a B pitch for some of the youth teams, but it was also already announced the stadium at the Wegvoerinstraat would be demolished sooner or later. We already missed the both derbys last season between Standaard Wetteren and RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht and since we didn't want to miss this stadium at all we went back on a non match day.

The current RFC Wetteren was officially founded in 1920 as Racing Club Wetteren. In 1927 they first reached the national divisions (third at that time) and to put extra attention to the ambitions a completely new grandstand was built in 1927. This was the current grandstand you can behold in these pictures. Amazing to see how well preserved this small but stunning grandstand is. Apart from one year the team would stay in third division until 1938. But afterwards RC Wetteren would go back to the regional leagues for about 30 years. In 1951 however Standaard Wetteren was founded (In 1948 as Standaard Molenhoek already) and at the end of the 60s the two teams played the first derbys. In 1973 RRC Wetteren managed to return to the national divisions - fourth division this time. In 1978 the fun was over. RRC Wetteren relegated again and during the next two decades Standaard Wetteren would prove to be the best team in Wetteren. 

In 2003 (back when RRC Wetteren already had to fight for good spots in the divisions in 6th and 7th division) they merged with SK Kwatrecht to become RRC Wetteren-Kwatrecht. After the merge the team would move back up, slowly but surely. In 2013 they would finally return to fourth division. In 2014 Standaard Wetteren relegated from third division and after more than 40 years the two teams played official derbys again. Sadly enough it was only for one season. After years of talks and discussion the decision was finally made to merge and become RFC Wetteren. The matricule number of Standaard Wetteren was sold to a group around former RWDM and was used to start up the magical RWDM again.


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