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GROUND // Wevelgem Stadion - SV Wevelgem City

Wevelgem lies in the shadows of Kortrijk, Harelbeke and Waregem but it can count on a rich football history itself as well.

Ever since 1924, when Football Club Verbroedering Wevelghem was founded, the local people could warm their hearts with football pleasure. The first years weren't a big success and in 1941 it was decided to try and have one big team in the municipality. They merged with Voetbalclub Sportvereeniging Wevelgem, that wasn't a member of the RBFA. For that reason they had to apply for a new matricule number. They now have 2997 where the original team carried 454. The new team was named Football Club Verbroedering Wevelgem. In 1946 they first reached the national leagues (then it was 3rd division). They quickly relegated again, but in 1952 4th division was created and they were able to promote again. This was a short adventure as well and this time the team had to wait for 15 years to go back to the national leagues again. In 1967 they finally made it, but yet again it was a short adventure. The years of regional football were back.

In 1984 they decided to merge with the rather young team (5 years old) City Wevelgem to become Football Club Sportverbroedering Wevelgem-City. The 90s would prove to become a glorious era for the team. In 1991 the team was 50 years old (although the real history is even older) and in 1992 they promoted to the national leagues again. Yet again for a short time, but in 1997 they came back and this time they stayed for a longer period. They became one of the better teams and in 2001 they promoted to 3rd division. Even in 3rd division they were one of the better teams. In 2002 the idea came to go for one big successful team and they merged with SK Gullegem which was also in 3rd division at that time. The team name changed into KSK Wevelgem-City. They moved to the stadium of SK Gullegem and even changed team colours. They reached play offs but lost them severely. That's when the problems started. The year after they relegated to 4th division again and during the next three seasons the financial problems started piling up. In 2008 the president of the team Tony Coorevits and coach Gilbert Bodart were accused of commiting fraude. The debts were too high to manage, the players left and the team had to finnish the season with only youth players. Some fans put their shoulders under the team, changed the name into SV Wevelgem City and due to the fact FC Gullegem was founded the team moved back to Wevelgem and changed their colours to the original purple-white. Due to their financial problems they had to start over in 7th divsion and start the season with -9 points. They went up and down in the regional leagues and at the moment they are at the start of a season in 6th division. A season in which they expect nothing less than the title.

The nice thing about this is the fact their stadium is one of the few Elascon grandstands in Belgium. After having found Elascon in Hoboken, Seraing, Machelen and Putte (and still having to visit Fallon Stadium and the one in Zottegem), this is definitely a very nice Elascon grandstand but it had to endure the effects of time. This is making it even more charming than it already is. The view when standing in the grandstand is also very awkward, looking over an indoor sports centre with an odd shape. Wevelgem is definitely a must see and we sincerely hope they return to the highest regional league soon!


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