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GROUND // Wilgierstadion - VK Jong Geraardsbergen

Geraardsbergen is mostly known football wise for KSV Geraardsbergen as being the biggest and oldest team in the area. But there is more to the village than this. In total the village, including the smaller villages making part of Geraardsbergen, has 9 different football teams. We paid a visit to the grounds of the old VK Onkerzele a few weeks back.

The history of VK Onkerzele is in fact very much linked to the fact Onkerzele village was merged into Geraardsbergen. A couple of inhabitants of Onkerzele didn't like that and wanted something to keep their own identity. Therefore they created VK Onkerzele, all the way back in 1971.

It wasn't until 1975 VK Onkerzele decided to join the Belgian FA. Before that they mostly played in the catholic leagues and the local leagues. By the end of the 80s VK Onkerzele managed to promote to the second highest regional league, but unfortunately they had to relegate back to the lower divisions. The next decades the team would mostly play in third and fourth regional league in East Flanders.

In 2010 a change was coming for the team. A couple of old members of the big KSV Geraardsbergen weren't too happy with some of the decisions and decided to join forces with VK Onkerzele. The team name was changed into Jong Geraardsbergen to express their dedication to give more focus to the youth teams in order for them to make it in the first team. Quite opposite to the idea in the early 70s now the change from Onkerzele to Geraardsbergen wasn't too big of a problem.

Up until this day the team is still playing in the regional leagues. The stadium itself is a nice one to visit, often overlooked, but very well maintained. A typical lower league ground you just have to visit and see. In the background you will see an abandoned beer brewery.


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