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GROUND // Will Tura Sportpark - KSV Veurne

Veurne is known as the place where the allied forces stopped the Germans in WWI. Veurne is also known as the place where famous Belgian singe Will Tura was born. But Veurne also has a beautiful little stadium. It isn't a coincidence that stadium is named after the famous Belgian singer. KSV Veurne plays their home games in the Will Tura Sportpark.

Football in Veurne started in 1913. The team already has a rich history and although they only joined the Belgian FA after WWI, their matricule number still shows they are one of the oldest teams in Belgium. Matricule number 80 started as SV Veurne and unlike other young teams the WWI didn't destroy the team. Mainly due to the fact they were at the allied side and they were able to play against allied army teams during these four horrible years.

It seems like KSV Veurne really is a team for the war periods as before WWII the team just wandered around in the regional leagues. During WWII however the team split into two - with De Wonder as a spin off. After the war the two joined forces again and continued like nothing ever happened. Just like after WWI the team started going up and down in the regional leagues again, with only a couple of very memorable events. Especially their season 1968-69 is unforgettable as that year they won their division without losing one single game.

One of the more famous players KSV Veurne had recently was Masis Voskanyan. The Armenia born international started playing for KSV Veurne when he just arrived in Begium. Afterwards he made a success transfer to Club Brugge, but mostly played for KSV Roeselare. Another great anecdote involves the name Georges Claeyssens. Any KSV Veurne fan will be able to tell you he is the man in Veurne. Once there was this game against Oudenburg which KSV Veurne won with 36-0. After 19 goals from Claeyssens it is said to believe he put himself as a defender just to give his team mates a chance to score a goal as well.


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