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GROUND // Zeggeman - K Berg en Dal VV (lost ground)

Earlier this week we posted the new ground of K Berg en Dal VV. This was the former ground of Verbroedering Meerhout, the current AS Verbroedering Geel (moved to the former ground of the defunct Verbroedering Geel). A whole change of scenery in the neighbourhood of Geel and Meerhout. But a team moving into a new ground, also means... an old ground left behind.

We are in luck as the old grounds of K Berg en Dal VV are still standing and they are not even that far away from their current grounds. Berg en Dal VV was founded in the late 30s and most likely they have been playing at the Zeggeman since the very beginning. We can only say for sure they use the Zeggeman since 1940. Everything before that is a bit unclear. But we assume this has been their ground from the start.

Over 70 years later they decided to leave the Zeggeman and Belgium is yet another lost ground richer. Wonderful for us, but unbelievable for most people. Whenever you are in the neighbourhood, please do visit this. It's very easy to find, very accessible and we do recommend to step inside the buildings as well. But please do that with respect and leave everything as it was left behind by K Berg en Dal VV.


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