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GROUND // Ludo Coeckstadion - K. Berchem Sport

K Berchem Sport 2004 first saw daylight in 1906 and had first higher league experiences in 1911 already. Up until 1990 Berchem Sport always played in first and second division with its real glory years in the 40s and 50s.

Quite some well known players once played in Berchem. Dick Advocaat even played for Berchem Sport, but the best product the team ever produced was Ludo Coeck in the 70s. He was so important for the team they even decided to change the name from Berchem Stadium (which was built in 1929) to Ludo Coeckstadium.

Berchem fans and players often refer to the stadium as 'Het Rooi'. There used to be eagles at the entrance of the stadium, but recently they were removed. It's unknown if these were removed permanently or for restauration purposes. We all duely hope it's the latter, as the eagles are a part of the identity of 'Het Rooi'.


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