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GROUND // Soeverein Stadion - Lommel SK

Last weekend (19th of April 2015) Lommel United had an important game in the season. A victory would give them all options to become champion in the second division in Belgium. Perfect reason to pass by the Soeverein stadium.

Originally this stadium was played in by KFC Lommel SK (founded in 1932). The stadium was called Municipal Sports Stadium back then. In 1992 the team reached first division for the first time and it would always remain at least in second division. Unfortunately the team got into financial problems in 2002 and went bankrupt in that season. Eventually the team would merge with the neighbouring KVV Overpelt Fabriek in 2003 and started playing with their matricule number. At first the team was called KVSK United Overpelt-Lommel.The team promotied from third division to second division within two years and in 2009 they underwent a new merge, this time with KFC Racing Mol-Wezel. As of then the name changed into Lommel United. They worked to get promoted to first division, but up until today they stayed in second division. Lommel United lost the game 0-1 against KAS Eupen and they are now facing play offs for promotion.

Update: In 2017 Lommel United changed its name in Lommel SK, like in the good old days. Plans for a new stadium are made as we speak.


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