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GROUND // Stade du Vivier d'Oie - Racing Club de Bruxelles

Recently we visited Stade des Trois Tilleuls, which was the homeground of Racing Club de Bruxelles in the past and is now played in by RRC de Boitsfort. But Racing Club de Bruxelles originally played in Stade du Vivier d'Oie before that.

After wandering around in Brussels for a few years, the team (which consisted of a football team, an athletics team, a hockey team and a tennis department) moved to this stadium in 1901. It was the very first stadium which was build on pure concrete.

Other than the above mentioned, this stadium is especially historical for being the host of the very first game between European countries May 1st 1904. Belgium and France played a tie (3-3). In 1906 the Belgian team were first referred to as being the Red Devils in this stadium.

In 1948 Racing Club de Bruxelles football and athletics teams moved to Stade des Trois Tilleuls. Currently Stade du Vivier d'Oie is still occupated by the hockey and tennis divisions of Racing Club de Bruxelles.


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