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GROUND // Beau Site - Union Flémalloise B

The Stade Robert Lecomte in Ivoz-Ramet is not the only piece of football history that will disappear sooner or later. In the neighbouring Flémalle there is a small stadium that has already started its decay; the Beau Site. Officially it's still being used as the B stadium of Union Flémalloise, but it's clear the haydays of R Flémalle FC are long gone.

Earlier we had already talked about the beautiful Stade Robert Lecomte, but the story was far from being over. During the merger between Royal Mons Football Club, Royal Flémalle FC and Skill FC d'Ivoz-Ramet three stadiums were involved as well. The one from R Mons FC was demolished not long after the merger and the one of Skill FC became the new A stadium of Union Flémalloise. But there is another gem still standing. The stadium of R Flémalle FC is officially named Rue Beau Site and has known wonderful years. But it's left for decay since a while now.

Flémalle FC started playing football in the Belgian FA during the early days of WWII (just before Skill FC, but shortly after Mons FC). There are suspicions the team has already been playing football since 1926. Around that time a Flémalle FC was founded with matricule number 586, but there's very little to be found about that team. It's possible this team ceased to exist and was re-founded in 1940 with a new matricule number.

The Beau Site stadium is believed to be the home ground from the start. Sadly enough it has never had the opportunity to witness national football, just like the other mentioned teams and stadiums. Shame as this wooden stand would have been worth it. Accompanied by some beautiful terracing it would have had reason to be seen in third or fourth division.

In 2013/2014 it was all over with the independance of R Flémalle FC. The level of football remained the same after the merger (as Union Flémalloise), but the Beau Site only got to see youth and reserve football. With the construction of the new stadium we expect the Beau Site will undergo the same fate as the Stade Robert Lecomte... demolition or complete decay. Fans and groundhoppers, make use of this season to still visit the Beau Site. Interesting to keep in the back of your mind; Landry Mulemo is mostly known for playing with Standard, STVV, KV Kortrijk, Beitar Jerusalem and Birkirkara FC, but he also played in the youth teams of this R Flémalle FC.


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