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GROUND // Het Zeen - KOVC Sterrebeek

Earlier we had visited KOVC Sterrebeek in their "Het Kuipke". Back then, it was used for youth football after decades of hosting games for their first team. But now things have changed.

When KOVC Sterrebeek promoted to the national division, Het Kuipke was deemed unfit for the national divisions and the team had to play its home games elsewhere. That new home became Het Zeen. Although Het Kuipke was never really abandoned, it did look that way. But the club has spent great effort in cleaning up Het Kuipke and maintaining it. After all, it was their real home stadium.

In 2018, KOVC Sterrebeek relegated to the regional leagues again and the opportunity to play in Het Kuipke came back. In the meantime that move has been completed, but Het Zeen has not been abandoned. It is still used by their youth teams and the first team still plays games there occasionally. Officially (at least according to the Belgian FA) it is still their A stadium.

Although Het Kuipke has way more traditional football charm, Het Zeen is definitely worth a visit. A rather large grandstand, what looks like a temporary stand, is surrounded by some terracing. Located right next to the famous tennis club, it's more than likely this is here to stay.

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