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GROUND // Wijnegemhofstraat - Standaard Meerbeek & Liefhebbers Meerbeek

Last week we visited the neighbours from Kortenberg. But in the communities of Everberg and Meerbeek, a ball is also kicked. We already mentioned Standard Meerbeek in our previous article, reason enough to pay a visit to the A-pitch of the team.

After the example of Kortenberg, Meerbeek did not want to stay behind on the football pitch. It took until 1966 before they had their own club with the foundation of Eendracht Meerbeek. Just like Kortenberg, Meerbeek never reached the national championships, but the fun was not diminished. Eendracht's history quietly rippled on until they decided to merge with their other neighbours from Everberg in 2008.

The small village of Everberg followed Kortenberg's example a lot faster. For in 1931, they already had Football Association Standard Everbergh. The war did their organisation no good, because in 1955 the team decided to quit. Then Everberg had to do without football for a while. Until Eendracht Meerbeek gave them an idea. One year after their Meerbeek neighbours, the Football Association Standaard Everberg was re-established in Everberg.

Until 2008, that is. Because then VV Standaard Everberg and Eendracht Meerbeek merged to become Standaard Meerbeek. The matricule number of Meerbeek remained and the A team also kept playing in Meerbeek. Until today. And this together with Liefhebbers Meerbeek; a recreational team of which very little is known. If someone knows more about it, all information is always welcome.

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